35 perguntas que não podem faltar no Skype com a HF

novembro 29, 2017

Fala, dendezeiros e dendezeiras do amor! Há algum tempo, fiz um post falando sobre 25 Perguntas que Não Podem Faltar no Skype com as Kids. Hoje eu voltei para dar algumas dicas de perguntas sobre as crianças, mas que devem ser direcionadas aos pais.

Algumas dessas perguntas são essenciais, outras vão depender um pouco do seu feeling com a família e de como você se sente a respeito das crianças e tal. Mas nada como uma boa lista pra espantar aquele branco maledêto que resolve dar as caras na hora de Skype, né não? :P Só vem:

1. What do they like to do in their free time?
2. What are their favorite games and toys?
3. Are they in school? How far is the school?
4. What do they usually eat for breakfast and lunch?
5. Will I be responsible for making dinner for them?
6. Is there any kind of food that they don't eat?
7. Are they allergic to anything?
8. Do they take any medication?
9. Are there other families with children near by?
10. Have you already talked to them about the arrival of an au pair? How did they react to that?
11. Do they usually cry when you leave to work?
12. Are they jealous of each other?
13. How do you discipline them when they misbehave?
14. When was the last time they got ill? What happened? 
15. Are there any rules regarding TV and video games?
16. Are there any parks, playgrounds or libraries nearby?
17. Would that be OK for me to cook Brazilian food so they could get to know a bit about my culture?

18. What chores do you think are most important for your children to learn?
19. Do the kids have house chores?
20. What is their daily schedule like?
21. What's the relationship that the kids have with their current au pair?
22. When are their birthdays?
23. Do they have friens that live close by?
24. Is there anything you don't want me to do with them?
25. How do they get along with each other?
26. What do you consider to be most challenging about your children?
27. What activities are the kids already involved in? Which do they enjoy the most?
28. How do you expect me to discipline the kids? Am I allowed to take their toy or give them time out?
29. If the kids make a mess, should I encourage them to clean after themselves?
30. When is their bedtime and what is their usual pre-bed routine?
31. Do they practice sports? If so, which ones?
32. Are they allowed to have friends over?
33. What are their favourite colours?
34. Do their grandparents live close by?
35. Are they energetic or calm kids?

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