Visto de au pair na Noruega: minhas respostas no questionário

novembro 24, 2017

O consulado norueguês deixa uma listinha de coisas que a gente precisa levar para a entrevista de solicitação do visto. Entre outros documentos, que já mencionei aqui nesse post, tem também o famoso Questionário para a Au Pair com todas aquelas perguntinhas que a gente, às vezes, não sabe bem como responder. 

Por isso mesmo, decidi fazer esse post, que infelizmente vai ser todo em inglês, pra mostrar pra vocês quais foram as minhas respostas para as perguntas da UDI. Espero que elas te ajudem com uma luz a respeito do que escrever! Só vem:

Questionnaire to be filled out by the au pair

The UDI will consider your answers when we process your application. It is therefore important that you answer the questions as accurately as you can.

1. Why do you wish to be an au pair in Norway?

I would like to be an au pair because I love children and I'm very interested in the Norwegian culture. I've lived in Oslo before, but as a student that had a part-time job, I don't feel like I had enough time available to actually get to know the Norwegian people, the amazing culture of the country and new places.

2. How did you find out about the au pair scheme? (Write the name of, for example, websites where you found information, places you have read about the scheme, or the names of those who have told you about it.)

I've heard about the Au Pair program through a Facebook group in 2010. The group was mainly about Au Pairs in the USA, but after I lived in Norway, I decided to look the possibility of being an au pair in Scandinavia up.

3.What does it mean to be an au pair?

An au pair is an exchange program that is supposed to give a young foreigner the opportunity to get to know more about the culture of a certain country. Au pair comes from a French expression that basically means be someone's equal, so the au pair is also supposed to be treated as part of the family despite of the chores taking care of the kids and doing light housework.

4. How did you get into contact with the host family in Norway?

We used the website Au Pair World. I sent them a message letting them know that I was interested in the family and they replied not so long later saying that my profile also caught their attention.

5. Do you know anyone living in Norway, apart from the host family? What are their names and how do you know them? (Please write their first name and family name, and explain if they are related to you or if they for example are friends of yours.)

I know some other people that are currently living in Norway, but they are not related to me in any way. We are friends from the year when I lived there as a student, in 2014 and most of them used to go to church or to the university with me.


6. What will your duties in the host family be?

I will be responsible for the kids when they wake up and I will help them get ready for school. I will pick them up two days a week and take care of them after school up until dinner time. I will also be responsible for making dinner, light housecleaning and laundry. Occasional baby-sitting when needed is also predicted in my contract.

7. How many hours will you work each day? Please describe (briefly) how you imagine one of your working days to be.

I will be working for up to 5h each day.
I will wake up at 6h30 and start working at 7h. I will get the kid's lunchbox ready and feed them breakfast up until 8h30 when they'll be living for school. Between 8h30 and 10h30 I will do some housecleaning or laundry. Then I will be off between 10h30 and 16h, when I will be taking my Norwegian classes. At 16h, I'll pick the kids up from school and cook dinner for everyone. We will eat together at 17h and I will be off again at around 17h30.

claramente eu me inserindo na cultura norueguesa
8. How many hours will you work each week? Please describe (briefly) how you imagine one of your working weeks to be.

I will up to 30h per week.
On Mondays and Wednesdays, I will be working from 7h-10h30 and then from 16h-17h30.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will be working from 7h-8h30 and then from 14h30-18h.
On Fridays, I will be working from 7h-11h and then from 16h-17h.
If I don't use up all the 30h predicted in the contrat, I may also baby-sit during the Saturday for the remaining hours.

9. What will you do if the host family offers you to work more hours than what is stated in the contract, so that you can earn extra money?

I will refuse it and remind them that I can only work for 30h per week.

10. What will you do if someone outside the host family asks you to do extra work for them?

I will refuse it and let them know about how the au pair program works and how many hours I am legally allowed to work for my host parents only.

11. What are you planning to do in Norway when you are not working?

I am planning to study Norwegian, to get to know more Norwegian people and to travel to different places within the country. I also would like to be with the host family a bit more to get to know them on a personal level, when none of us is working.

12. Do you already have any knowledge of the Norwegian language?

I have been studying it, but it's still not enough to communicate.

13. What are your plans for learning Norwegian while you are in Norway?

The host family already has knowledge of a Norwegian course that's only 5km away from their place and it's the same place where their previous au pairs have studied the language.

14. Does your host family have an au pair at the moment? If so, what is her/his name?

Yes, they do. Her name is SN.

15. What are you planning to do when you are finished being an au pair in Norway?

My plans are to return to Brasil and to apply for a masters in my field of study (Journalism). I would like to go into Social Media Management or something related to that.
I also intend to keep teaching English when I am back. Either in a ESL course or as a private teacher.

16. When are you planning to return to your home country?

I am planning to return 24 months after the starting dated assigned in my contract. That would be on the 15th of January, 2020.

17. Do you have children of your own?

No, I don't.

18. Describe your life at the moment. Are you working? Are you studying?

In May/2017, I have completed my Journalism course at the Federal University of Bahia, in Salvador. Currently I am working full-time as an English teacher at CCAA, an ESL course.

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